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Today, Security camera clips that make the news usually show bad things, but here, Coke decided to “look at the world a little differently” in this heartwarming viral video. People stealing kisses, harmless soldiers, music addicts, honest pickpockets and potato chip dealers. Love, Attacks of friendship, friendly gangs and kindness. Unexpected firemen, rebels with a cause and peaceful warriors. A lot of crazy people, and a few heroes. 

I love this so much

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                           A groan passed her lips, petite hands clutching at her ankle as she sat upon the ground. Whatever she had done to it was now causing her great pain. It left her as a sitting duck. 

She had been on patrol. There had been rumors of a spiders nest on the westward edges of the kingdom. A spiders nest had turned out to be a single solitary spider. She had managed to get many arrows into its skin, yet it still pursued her. In attempting to outsmart the spider, she had begun running to an area where she would have the upperhand- drawing it away from its habitat. She had tripped over a tree root and gone sprawling to the ground. Her ankle was causing her great distress and was turning an unpleasant shade of purple. She had no clue of the whereabouts of that particular spider, but knew spiders to be ruthless. There was to be no backup as she had been on a solitary patrol, her partner was absent, and she had gone past the boundaries of her patrol route. She truly felt like a sitting duck.

She heard the scuttling of spider legs against the forest floor. She frantically crawled to her bow as it had been jolted from her grasp when she tripped. She was making sluggish progress and the noises of the forest became more prominent. She then attempted to grasp her daggers but encountered a burning pain through her arm. She had dislocated her elbow. That did not stop her attempts to protect herself.

She recognized that breed of Woodland spider. It did not need a mate to produce offspring- it only needed a certain climate. It, like every other type of spider around these parts, enjoyed making victims out of the innocent folk. This spider would terrorize the villages in the kingdom and eat all of the crop as well. 

It needed to be stopped before it made its way to the heartland and became a dire threat to Mirkwood. 

The scuttling sound ceased but out of the darkness emerged the beady, glassy eyes of the monstrous beast.

Its pincers were at the ready to pierce her skin but a darting object flew through the air, refracking the light.

It pierced its abdomen with ease. Another arrow soon followed- right through the largest eye.

Tauriel knew of only one person who could shoot with that accuracy and precision. 


His blond hair gleaming, his posture cool, confident, and poised- he looked the perfect image of a warrior prince. 

He stepped in front of her, protecting her.

With a few more arrows and a couple well placed strikes- the spider fell. 

He extended a hand to help her up, his blue eyes shining with concern.

She batted away the hand, trying without success to stand on her own.


She reluctantly took his offered hand to rise again, but would have fallen if not for the steady arm on her waist.

He whispered in her ear, “Quel esta mellamin

In defeat, she allowed her head to fall against his shoulder as they gradually made their way to his horse.

She felt herself healing and allowed herself the rest that she had been denying herself for so long.


Yallume: At last

Quel Esta Mellamin: Rest well my love

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